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Muscle building is not only for optical purpose, it is also a very important factor for protecting joints and bones. The plan adapts to your training situation (gym, home workout) and will build you a solid foundation.

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Improving your endurance exerts to many positive effects on health, including improved metabolism, reduction of cardiovascular risk, and reduced all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

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Being flexible and having full joint mobility can have several beneficial implications on quality of life, including: reducing day-to-day pain and increasing vascular health. Many forms of pain are actually caused by immobility and inflexibility of the body.

Why Simple Fit?
Watch this 4 minute video and find out how this app will change your life
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Achieve your fitness goal

The Workout plan will adapt to your fitness level and goal

Start your workout anytime and everywhere

Just choose your available equipment and the plan will adapt to it
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Can anybody do it?

If you have no kind of health problems, than you can normally do it. You just need to download the app and lets go. We will automatically create a workout plan based on your physical fitness. 

How many times a week should I work out?

The optimal Exercise Frequency depends on many specific factors. If you are a beginner you should, of course, train less often. But to cover everything, the maximum total exercise frequency should be between 2-6 times per week depending on the goal.
General Guideline:

Fat Loose: 3 - 4 Times per Week
Muscle Gain: 3 Times per Week
Strength gain: 2 – 3 Times per Week

Our Recommendation for improving your overall fitness: 3-4 Times a Week.

How should I set up the training?

Now that you decided to make the first step into a complete different life you need to set up your Training.
Each Trainings Plan focuses on the three most important areas of health: Strength, Endurance and Mobility, just the main focus changes. So for example if you choose the Endurance Plan you will also have some workouts that will focus on Strength.

You have to choose between these three options:

If you want to improve your overall fitness and don’t have any favorable trainings style, than probably this is the right option for you. You will have a perfectly balanced mixture between strength, endurance and mobility workouts.

If your main goal is to gain strength and build muscles, you should choose this options.

If you want to lose weight, get stronger heart and lungs this is the right one for you.
Of course you can also start of with the Strength Plan and later switch to the Endurance plan just pick the style you enjoy the most.

Can also women do it?

Yes, the App will automatically create a customized trainings plan based on the User.

Download SimpleFit

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